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Title: Evolution in the Therapy of Cancer
Originating Office: IAS
Speaker: Getzenberg, Robert
Issue Date: 10-Dec-2009
Event Date: 10-Dec-2009
Group/Series/Folder: Record Group 8.15 - Institute for Advanced Study
Series 3 - Audio-visual Materials
Location: 8.15:3 box 1.4
Notes: Institute for Advanced Study Workshop: Evolution: Foundations, Fundamentals, and Disease. Session 4: The role of evolution in biological disease: Cancer and cell dynamics.
Abstract: The specific spatial and temporal organization of DNA within the nucleus is central to its function. The DNA is functionally organized into domains of loops at the base of which are its association points with the nuclear structure and are the sites of DNA replication and transcription. Only 5% of the DNA encodes proteins and a majority of the DNA contains repetitive sequences, the elements behind the reorganization of the genomic sequences. The packing of DNA within the nucleus in an operationally functional fashion is an amazing feat of engineering. The structure of the nucleus has evolved significantly from the simplistic organization found in bacteria to the lamins that are an essential part of the nuclear matrix. One of the nuclear lamins, lamin B, is a prompt heat shock protein that is highly sensitive to temperature and can be found even in archaebacteria.
Duration: 57 min.
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