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Title: Understanding Evolution without Darwin
Originating Office: IAS
Speaker: Woese, Carl
Issue Date: 9-Dec-2009
Event Date: 9-Dec-2009
Group/Series/Folder: Record Group 8.15 - Institute for Advanced Study
Series 3 - Audio-visual Materials
Location: 8.15:3 box 1.4
Notes: Institute for Advanced Study Workshop: Evolution: Foundations, Fundamentals, and Disease. Session 2: Moving beyond classic darwinian evolution.
Abstract: We will only begin to understand evolution as a scientific problem if we start afresh –‐by which Carl Woese mean going back to the original phenomenology, “descent” with modification, that was the coin of the intellectual realm circa 1800, when one could count Erasmus Darwin, Goethe, Kant, and Lamarck, among those who pondered it. And this is what we are doing now there at Illinois‐–starting from the ground up, grounding their thinking in a non‐Darwinian (sometimes anti‐Darwinian when necessary to overcome obstructions) foundation in modern physics, not biology.
Duration: 61 min.
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