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Title: 阳谋: 基层政区中的整风与反右 (An Open Scheme - the Rectification and Anti-Rightists Movement Viewed from a County)
Originating Office: DHSS
Speaker: 曹树基 (Cao, Shuji)
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2008
Event Date: 5-Dec-2008
Group/Series/Folder: Record Group 6.5.1 - Office of the Dean of Humanities and Social Science
Series 1.3 - Audio-visual Materials
Location: 6.5.1:3 EF
Notes: 重读中华人民共和国史系列讲座.
摘要: 1)引蛇出洞:鸣放的内容与过程; 2)逼蛇出洞:一个亲历者的回忆; 3)自愿出洞:自我牺牲的鸣放者; 4)向党交心与诛心。
Abstract: 1) Drawing a snake from its hole: the agenda and process of the “airing of views”; 2) Hounding a snake out of its hole: recalling of a firsthand experience; 3) A voluntary snake out of its hole: a self-sacrificed victim of “airing of views”; 4) The mind opened to the Party turning out to be a target of penetrating criticism.
時間: 77分
Appears in Series:6.5.1:3 - Audio-visual Materials
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