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Title: 星塵與生命的起源 (Star Dust and the Origin of Life on Earth)
Originating Office: OUDPA
Speaker: 郭新 (Kwok, Sun)
Issue Date: 2-Apr-2009
Event Date: 2-Apr-2009
Group/Series/Folder: Record Group 3.8 - Office of University Development and Public Affairs
Series 6 - Audio-visual Materials
Location: 3.8:6 box 6.3.4
Notes: HKUST Science Lecture Series.
Abstract: How did life on Earth begin? For the last fifty years, scientists believed that life began with simple inorganic molecules which, under proper conditions, gradually evolved into complex organic compounds and eventually life. Recently, through observations with space-based infrared telescopes, astronomers have discovered that old stars can synthesize organic compounds with complex aromatic and aliphatic structures over time scales as short as several hundred years. Stellar winds from these old stars then spread these organic materials throughout the Galaxy, including our primordial solar system. In this talk, Prof. Kwok will talk about evidence for this stellar-solar connection, and how star dust may have influenced the origin of life on Earth.
Duration: 59 min.
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