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23-Oct-2008蒙元考古與絲綢之路 (Mongol-Yuan Archeology and Silk Road)DHSS
12-Feb-2009考古看西藏:西藏的历史与文化 (History and Culture of Tibet: An Archeological Perspective)DHSS
28-Nov-2005中國出兵朝鮮: 共和國的第一次戰爭 (China Sends Troops to Korea: The First War of the Republic)DHSS
1-Dec-2005波匈事件與中國: 中共走上世界舞台 (China and the Polish-Hungarian Revolt in 1956: Towards the International Stage)DHSS
24-Nov-2005中蘇同盟條約: 毛澤東與斯大林的爭鬥 (Sino-Soviet Alliance: The Rivalry of Mao and Stalin)DHSS
11-Feb-2009三星堆考古发現与巴蜀文明 (Appreciating the Ba-Shu Civilization through the Archeological Discovery of Sanxingdui)DHSS
5-Dec-2008阳谋: 基层政区中的整风与反右 (An Open Scheme - the Rectification and Anti-Rightists Movement Viewed from a County)DHSS
2-Sep-2008中共建國後的外交彎路 (Detours in the P. R. China's Diplomatic History)DHSS
26-Mar-2009七十年代中國地下詩 (The Underground Poetry in the 1970s)DHSS
10-Feb-2006大躍進: 超英趕美與共產主義烏托邦 (The Great Leap Forward: The Communist Utopia)DHSS
3-Sep-2007毛澤東與共產黨的開門整風 (Mao Zedong and the Open-door Rectification of the Party)DHSS
7-Sep-2007毛澤東與反右運動的發起 (Mao Zedong and the Launch of the Anti-Rightist Campaign)DHSS
14-Sep-2007「文革」中的紅衞兵運動 (The Red Guards Movement in the Cultural Revolution)DHSS
17-Sep-2007「文革」中的武斗 (Resort to Violence in the Cultural Revolution)DHSS
15-Feb-2006三年困難: 共和國的第一場災難 (Three Years of Difficulty: The First Disaster of the PRC)DHSS
18-May-2006劉少奇與四清運動 (Liu Shao Qi and the Four Cleanups Movement)DHSS
16-May-2006反右運動的前因後果 (The Anti-Rightist Movement)DHSS
24-Feb-2009北平和平解放 (The Peaceful Liberation of Beiping)DHSS
3-Apr-2009要土地,不要暴力! -- 六十年文學話土改 (Want Land, Not Violence: The 'Land Reform' in Chinese Fiction Since 1949)DHSS
14-Nov-2003白先勇, 李歐梵, 平路 ― 談寫作 (Forum with Writers on Writing: Conversation with Pai Hsien-yung, Ping Lu, and Leo Oufan Lee)DHSS; HUMA
6-Jun-2007Neurocorrelates of Reading Chinese Words in Texts without Word BoundariesIAS; DHSS
17-Dec-2008The Economics of Religion in Early ChinaOUDPA; DHSS
15-Apr-2005毛澤東與赫魯曉夫:中蘇分裂的直接表現和深層原因 (Mao Zedong and Nikita Khrushchev: The Sino-Soviet Split, 1956-1960)DHSS; HUMA
24-Mar-2004與龍應台聊天 ― 當民主變成實踐 (When Democracy Becomes Practice - A Chat with Lung Yingtai)DHSS
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