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18-Feb-2019HKUST Researchers Discover Novel Mechanism That Helps Delay Degradation of Injured NervesPAO
19-Feb-2019HKUST Launches “Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab” Inspiring a Culture for Sustainability InnovationPAO
11-Jan-2019HKUST Forges Strategic Partnership with Huawei Technology Investment on Research and Talent GroomingPAO
17-Jan-2019香港科技大學聯合香港盤古生物製藥公司 (美國aTyr Pharma子公司) 研發肺病新藥物PAO
17-Jan-2019HKUST and Pangu BioPharma (an aTyr Pharma Subsidiary) Recognized for Pioneering Work Leading to New Investigational Therapeutic for Lung DiseasePAO
16-Jan-2019HKUST Partners with Harvard Medical School, Stanford University School of Medicine, and University College London to establish Center for Neurodegenerative DiseasesPAO
20-Feb-2019HKUST Insurance Day Opens Up New Career Opportunities for StudentsPAO
20-Nov-2019Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Program Ranks Among the Top for the Tenth TimePAO
1-Dec-2019HKUST Researchers Shed Light on Modulation of Thermal Bleaching of Coral Reefs by Internal WavesPAO
23-Dec-2019科大研究團隊解開氮氧化物與大氣中硫酸鹽間關係之謎 為改善霧霾污染帶來新希望PAO
23-Dec-2019HKUST Researchers Untangle Links between Nitrogen Oxides and Airborne Sulfates Bringing New Hope to Improvement of Hazy Air PollutionPAO
25-Feb-2019HKUST and HKSI Join Forces to Enhance Dual Career Pathways for Elite AthletesPAO
25-Feb-2019HKUST Celebrates Opening of Tsang Shiu Tim Sports CenterPAO
11-Mar-2019HKUST Researchers Discover More Than 7,000 New Microbial Species Enhancing Our Understanding of Ocean BiodiversityPAO
11-Mar-2019“UNIfy: BYO” – Joint campaign by eight universities to reduce disposable wastePAO
11-Mar-2019HKUST Joins Hands with APRU to Examine Transformation of Work in Asia-PacificPAO
19-Mar-2019HKUST to Build the First Quantum Optics Camera in Greater China to Advance Knowledge in Astrophysics and CosmologyPAO
18-Mar-2019Opening of Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center to Foster Supportive CulturePAO
21-Mar-2019HKUST Scientists Discover How RNA Polymerase II Maintains Highly Accurate Gene Transcription with High-Performance ComputingPAO
29-Mar-2019HKUST Presents Long Service Awards 2019PAO
20-May-2019HKUST and WeBank Launch First HK-Guangdong Joint Laboratory in BankingPAO
14-May-2019HKUST Collaborates with China Everbright Bank to Nurture Cyber Security TalentPAO
10-Jun-2019HKUST Receives HK$100 Million Donation from Yuexiu for the University's Development and Sponsorship on HKUST's One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition National Grand FinalPAO
17-Jun-2019HKUST and Xunlei Establish Joint Laboratory to Drive Innovation and Applications of Blockchain TechnologyPAO
5-Jun-2019HKUST to lead Hong Kong's Largest Research Project on Extreme Weather Prediction and Landslide Early Warning System by Using Artificial IntelligencePAO
21-Jun-2019香港科技大學流動應用程式 PRAISE-HK發佈實時街道空氣質素數據 減少空氣污染對個人健康威脅PAO
21-Jun-2019HKUST New App (PRAISE-HK) Uses Street-Level Air Quality Data to Reduce Personal Exposure and Health RiskPAO
3-Oct-2019科大研究團隊揭示新病毒特徵 或有助對抗全球暖化和研製抗病毒藥物PAO
3-Oct-2019HKUST Researchers Discover New Virus Traits That May Help Fight Global Warming and Develop Anti-virus DrugPAO
26-Sep-2019港科大(廣州)獲國家教育部批准籌建 南沙校址舉辦動工儀式PAO
26-Sep-2019HKUST (GZ) Approved by the State Ministry of Education Groundbreaking Ceremony Held at the Proposed Site in NanshaPAO
1-Nov-2019HKUST and Microsoft Introduce First AI-Centric MBA Elective in Hong KongPAO
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