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31-Dec-2003Calendar of Events for December 2003OUDPA
10-Mar-2003New IC Design Master's Program Trains Talents for Semiconductor IndustryOUDPA
15-Oct-2003Citigroup and HKUST Announce First International Case Competition in AsiaOUDPA
30-Nov-2003Calendar of Events for November 2003OUDPA
30-May-2003hEGF Offers Novel Treatment for Diabetic Foot UlcersOUDPA
17-Feb-2003Continuing Success at Chip OlympicsOUDPA
14-Mar-2003"Time-Eye" at HKUST Puts Hong Kong on Global Hi-Tech Media Art SceneOUDPA
12-Feb-2003Pearl River Research Funded by National 863 ProgramOUDPA
8-Nov-2003HKUST Supports Role Differentiation and Institutional CollaborationOUDPA
16-Jan-2003Letaief and Kwok Elected to IEEE FellowshipOUDPA
10-Oct-2003HKUST Joins China Hi-Tech Fair 2003OUDPA
28-Nov-2003Arrow Scholarship for Top StudentsOUDPA
31-Jul-2003Novel Devices to Control InfectionOUDPA
6-Mar-2003HKUST Professor Honored with State Natural Science AwardOUDPA
20-Nov-2003Teaching and Learning Programs at HKUST CommendedOUDPA
28-Oct-2003Chief Executive Toasts HKUST SuccessOUDPA
2-Jun-2003HKUST Releases 2002 Graduate Job SurveyOUDPA
20-Feb-2003New Double Degrees to Bridge Engineering and ManagementOUDPA
20-Oct-2003KELLOGG-HKUST EMBA Program Is No. 9 in the WorldOUDPA
4-Dec-2003CK Life Sciences and HKUST Join Forces to Fight CancerOUDPA
18-Mar-2003Ping Cheng Receives Prestigious International Award in ThermophysicsOUDPA
5-Jun-2003New Advances in Smart FluidsOUDPA
28-Oct-2003Citigroup International Case Competition Announces WinnersOUDPA
28-Mar-2003HKUST Announces Suspension of ClassesOUDPA
29-Jan-2003New HKUST-HKIEd Collaboration to Nurture Science TeachersOUDPA
9-Jun-2003Media Review, No. 8/2003OUDPA
28-Jul-2003Media Review, No. 15/2003OUDPA
29-Apr-2003Media Review, No. 4/2003OUDPA
27-Oct-2003Media Review, No. 27/2003OUDPA
4-Jul-2003Media Review, No. 11/2003OUDPA
26-Nov-2003Media Review, No. 29/2003OUDPA
24-Jun-2003Media Review, No. 10/2003OUDPA
30-Sep-2003Calendar of Events for September 2003OUDPA
31-Oct-2003Calendar of Events for October 2003OUDPA
2-Oct-2003Media Review, No. 24/2003OUDPA
24-Sep-2003Media Review, No. 23/2003OUDPA
5-Jun-2003Media Review, No. 7/2003OUDPA
16-Dec-2003Media Review, No. 32/2003OUDPA
12-Aug-2003Media Review, No. 17/2003OUDPA
15-Jul-2003Media Review, No. 13/2003OUDPA
20-Oct-2003Media Review, No. 26/2003OUDPA
31-Aug-2003Calendar of Events for August 2003OUDPA
31-May-2003Calendar of Events for May 2003OUDPA
31-Jul-2003Calendar of Events for July 2003OUDPA
31-Jan-2003Calendar of Events for January 2003OUDPA
30-Jun-2003Calendar of Events for June 2003OUDPA
13-Oct-2003Media Review, No. 25/2003OUDPA
26-Feb-2003Media Review, No. 2/2003OUDPA
11-Dec-2003Media Review, No. 31/2003OUDPA
28-Feb-2003Calendar of Events for February 2003OUDPA
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