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23-Apr-2002Cross-Boundary Study on Polluted Pearl River EstuaryOUDPA
30-Jul-2002"Lab-on-a-Chip": New Technology a Boost for Traditional Chinese MedicineOUDPA
27-Aug-2002K C CHAN Appointed Second Dean of Business and ManagementOUDPA
6-Nov-2002HKUST Holds Tenth CongregationOUDPA
11-Mar-2002Early Admission of Gifted Students to Retain TalentsOUDPA
27-May-2002HKUST and WebEx : New Agreement to Strengthen Hong Kong's IT CapabilitiesOUDPA
11-Oct-2002HKUST in China's Top Hi-Tech ShowcaseOUDPA
30-Sep-2002Chemical Engineering Head Honored for Research ExcellenceOUDPA
23-Sep-2002Nobel Laureate, Eminent Scholars and Market Reformer Awarded Honorary DoctoratesOUDPA
6-May-2002John Chan Appointed HKUST Council ChairmanOUDPA
14-Apr-2002HKUST Nurtures Gifted Students in MathematicsOUDPA
8-Apr-2002Checking Air Quality Anytime, AnywhereOUDPA
20-Jun-2002Media Review, No. 19/2002OUDPA
17-May-2002Media Review, No. 17/2002OUDPA
13-Sep-2002Media Review, No. 29/2002OUDPA
30-Nov-2002Calendar of Events for November 2002OUDPA
31-May-2002Calendar of Events for May 2002OUDPA
31-Dec-2002Calendar of Events for December 2002OUDPA
31-Jul-2002Calendar of Events for July 2002OUDPA
16-Jul-2002Media Review, No. 22/2002OUDPA
23-Apr-2002Media Review, No. 13/2002OUDPA
18-Nov-2002Media Review, No. 33/2002OUDPA
7-Jan-2002Media Review, No. 49/2001OUDPA
30-Sep-2002Calendar of Events for September 2002OUDPA
15-Apr-2002Media Review, No. 12/2002OUDPA
5-Jun-2002Media Review, No. 18/2002OUDPA
4-Feb-2002Media Review, No. 4/2002OUDPA
11-Feb-2002Media Review, No. 5/2002OUDPA
24-Oct-2002Media Review, No. 31/2002OUDPA
8-Apr-2002Media Review, No. 11/2002OUDPA
31-Oct-2002Calendar of Events for October 2002OUDPA
2-Dec-2002Media Review, No. 35/2002OUDPA
13-Dec-2002Media Review, No. 36/2002OUDPA
28-Jan-2002Media Review, No. 3/2002OUDPA
24-Jul-2002Media Review, No. 23/2002OUDPA
16-Aug-2002Media Review, No. 26/2002OUDPA
31-Mar-2002Calendar of Events for March 2002OUDPA
1-Nov-2002Media Review, No. 32/2002OUDPA
30-Jun-2002Calendar of Events for June 2002OUDPA
30-Apr-2002Calendar of Events for April 2002OUDPA
31-Aug-2002Calendar of Events for August 2002OUDPA
4-Sep-2002Media Review, No. 28/2002OUDPA
8-May-2002Media Review, No. 15/2002OUDPA
25-Feb-2002Media Review, No. 6/2002OUDPA
11-Mar-2002Media Review, No. 8/2002OUDPA
1-Aug-2002Media Review, No. 24/2002OUDPA
3-Oct-2002Media Review, No. 30/2002OUDPA
28-Feb-2002Calendar of Events for February 2002OUDPA
31-Jan-2002Calendar of Events for January 2002OUDPA
27-Dec-2002Media Review, No. 37/2002OUDPA
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