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22-Sep-1998HKUST Enhances Art Dialogue Among Four Southern CitiesPAO
18-Mar-1998Sinologist Reflects on ResponsibilitiesPAO
19-Jun-1998Sino-German Partnership Creates New Biotechnology Laboratory at HKUSTPAO
19-Mar-1998HKUST to Collaborate with French CompanyPAO
17-Jul-1998Art and Engineering at Summer CampPAO
22-Sep-1998HKUST Holds Student Outreach Day and Parents' DayPAO
19-Nov-1998Certification Authority to be Established for Secure E-CommercePAO
21-Sep-1998HKUST Exhibits Yuyu Yang's Sculptures and PrintsPAO
11-Aug-1998University Projects Promote Closer Links With Hong Kong SchoolsPAO
2-Feb-1998American Medalist of Science Explains Surreal NumbersPAO
17-Feb-1998HKUST Research Promises Cheaper Treatment for Burns and UlcersPAO
24-Nov-1998Hong Kong International Enterprise Fair - A Careers Fair with a French TouchPAO
5-Nov-1998First W3C Office in China Looks to Development of Chinese Web ApplicationsPAO
7-Oct-1998Breaking New Ground In LearningPAO
2-Jul-1998HKUST Hosts First World Congress on ErgonomicsPAO
7-Apr-1998HKUST Graduates Maintain Good Jobs RecordPAO
5-Nov-1998HKUST Scholars Receive Croucher Senior Research FellowshipsPAO
11-Sep-1998HKUST Joins Forces with Technical University BerlinPAO
20-Oct-1998New Industrial Consortium Looks to Advance Liquid Display TechnologyPAO
12-May-1998Globalism and the Politics of PlacePAO
8-Jan-1998Symposium On Drug Registration in China and the Asia-Pacific RegionPAO
27-Feb-1998The New Talent of Taiwanese Cinema at HKUSTPAO
17-Mar-1998Nobel Prizewinning Physicist to Lecture in Hong KongPAO
21-Apr-1998Noted Critic Leo Lee to Lecture on Eileen ChangPAO
3-Jun-1998Seminar to Promote Business PutonghuaPAO
10-Sep-1998Awards for Top Science TeachersPAO
2-Nov-1998Chen DanQing Copies to CreatePAO
14-Apr-1998HK CAS Alumni Establish Scholarly AssociationPAO
19-Aug-1998New Multimedia Courseware Promotes IT EducationPAO
14-Jul-1998Art and Technology on View at HKUSTPAO
27-Mar-1998Laboratory For Future Homes Built at HKUSTPAO
13-Oct-1998Biometric Verification: The Body As PasswordPAO
20-Jan-1998HKUST Library Hosts International Seminar on Chinese Information Processing in LibrariesPAO
3-Mar-1998New Challenges for Communications Teaching in Science and EngineeringPAO
7-Jul-1998SAE Contract Extention Signals Fruitful Cooperation with High-tech IndustryPAO
8-Oct-1998Ten HKUST Applied R & D Areas On Show At Electronics Fair '98PAO
26-Nov-1998University Scientists Aid Biotechnology IndustryPAO
31-Mar-1998HKUST Names Associate Vice-President for Research & DevelopmentPAO
15-Jan-1998Consortia Formed to Develop Chinese WWW Standard and Promote Business Use of InternetPAO
5-Nov-1998兩位科大學者榮獲 "香港優秀科研學者" 奬PAO
15-Jun-1998Media Review, No. 22/98PAO
4-May-1998Media Review, No. 16/98PAO
18-May-1998Media Review, No. 18/98PAO
9-Nov-1998Media Review, No. 42/98PAO
7-Jul-1998Media Review, No. 25/98PAO
31-Jan-1998Calendar of Events for January 1998PAO
30-Oct-1998Calendar of Events for October 1998PAO
1-Jun-1998Media Review, No. 20/98PAO
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