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2-Mar-1999Business Leaders Show The Way to Career SuccessOUDPA
14-Dec-1999HKUST Annex Opening and Naming CeremoniesOUDPA
6-Jul-1999HKUST Science School to Organize First Summer Camp for Secondary SchoolsOUDPA
12-Nov-1999HKUST Inaugurates German CenterOUDPA
29-Sep-1999HKUST Holds Student Outreach Day and Open DayOUDPA
10-Aug-1999HKUST Postgraduate Wins Best Paper Award in IEEE ConferenceOUDPA
4-Feb-1999HKUST Works with China to Check Pollution in Pearl River EstuaryPAO
11-Oct-1999Microsoft and HKUST Join Forces to Promote IT Education and Research - Launch of Microsoft Authorized Academic Training ProgramOUDPA
4-May-1999HKUST Provides New Insights into Biological ProcessesOUDPA
27-May-1999HKUST Offers Web-Based Database for NeuroscientistsOUDPA
30-Aug-1999A New Chapter in Cyber EducationOUDPA
13-Jul-1999HKUST to Organize Cyber Camp for F.6 StudentsOUDPA
22-Jun-1999HKUST to Add Values for GraduatesOUDPA
7-Dec-1999Workshop on Air Pollution in the Pearl River DeltaOUDPA
13-Dec-1999HKUST Holds Talk on Library and New TechnologyOUDPA
30-Jul-1999HKUST and Zhejiang University Sign Collaborative Research AgreementOUDPA
5-Aug-1999HKUST's New Testing Facility for International Energy Rating CertificateOUDPA
4-Nov-1999HKUST Holds Seventh CongregationOUDPA
13-Oct-1999HKUST Awards Top Science LecturersOUDPA
8-Nov-1999International Experts in Broadband Communications Meet in Hong KongOUDPA
26-Mar-1999HKUST Reviews Guidelines for Staff Engagement in Public OfficesOUDPA
28-Jan-1999New Technology for Purification of Industrial Waste Gas StreamsPAO
12-Nov-1999Mutual Appointment of Adjunct Professors Between Peking University and HKUSTOUDPA
22-Oct-1999HKUST Launches Notebook Ownership Program '99OUDPA
5-May-1999HKUST to Launch Graduate Program in Transportation LogisticsOUDPA
30-Sep-1999HKUST to Showcase Technology Transfer in China Hi-Tech FairOUDPA
25-Feb-1999HKUST Wins Government Funding for Cooperative Research CentersOUDPA
29-Apr-1999HKUST and Nanjing University Jointly Develop "Chinese Social Science Citation Index"OUDPA
9-Sep-1999Shenzhen-HK Research Center to OpenOUDPA
26-Oct-1999HKUST: East Meets West in Fight Against Alzheimer'sOUDPA
11-Feb-1999UST Applied Research Projects Win ITDC FundsOUDPA
16-Dec-1999Recycling Wastes into High Quality Building MaterialsOUDPA
20-Apr-1999Zhinan Jiang Watercolors to Brighten up HKUSTOUDPA
25-Jun-1999HKUST Develops New Photonic MaterialsOUDPA
29-Jan-1999IKEDA Water Flows at HKUSTPAO
8-Jun-1999Media Review, No. 21/99OUDPA
4-Oct-1999Media Review, No. 38/99OUDPA
14-Jun-1999Media Review, No. 22/99OUDPA
27-Sep-1999Media Review, No. 37/99OUDPA
19-Oct-1999Media Review, No. 40/99OUDPA
9-Aug-1999Media Review, No. 30/99OUDPA
16-Aug-1999Media Review, No. 31/99OUDPA
8-Mar-1999Media Review, No. 9/99OUDPA
13-Dec-1999Media Review, No. 48/99OUDPA
31-Jul-1999Calendar of Events for July 1999OUDPA
24-May-1999Media Review, No. 19/99OUDPA
8-Feb-1999Media Review, No. 6/99OUDPA
6-Sep-1999Media Review, No. 34/99OUDPA
31-May-1999Media Review, No. 20/99OUDPA
30-Nov-1999Calendar of Events for November 1999OUDPA
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