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4-Jun-1996Job Search Begins Early at HKUSTPAO
1-Mar-1996HKUST Student Computer Programmers are "Best of the Best of the Best"PAO
1-Jul-1996Philips Opens Asian Regional Centre at HKUSTPAO
25-Jan-1996Multimedia and Computer-Aided Design in the UniversityPAO
23-Jul-1996HKUST Survey Spotlights Differences Across DisciplinesPAO
30-Jan-1996New Degree in Economics Enhances Career OpportunitiesPAO
16-Aug-1996Computer Music Performances Highlight Meeting in Hong KongPAO
10-Oct-1996International Lecture Series at HKUSTPAO
21-Jun-1996HKUST Hosts Coastal Environment ConferencePAO
28-Jun-1996HKUST-CAS Joint Laboratory Project Supported by ITDCPAO
10-Jul-1996HKUST Hosts Conference to Promote Management Science in ChinaPAO
24-May-1996HKUST Co-organizes IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing SystemsPAO
27-Feb-1996Automated Vehicle License Plate System Tested at HKUSTPAO
22-Mar-1996Administration/Academic Cost RatiosPAO
3-Jun-1996Biomedical Engineering Conference Comes to HKUSTPAO
11-Jul-1996Summer Camps for F.6 Students at HKUSTPAO
28-Mar-1996First Investment Management Degree Offered by HKUSTPAO
15-Nov-1996Young Artists Reflect on Cultural ColonialismPAO
9-May-1996HKUST Graduates Succeed in Job MarketPAO
7-Mar-1996Chinese Financial Reforms Reviewed in New HandbookPAO
15-Jul-1996HKUST to Collaborate with Lee Kum Kee Group on Developing Traditional Chinese MedicinesPAO
14-Mar-1996Report of the Task Force Investigating the 7 March Lab IncidentPAO
28-Dec-1996HKUST Biology Students Take Green Message to Local SchoolsPAO
8-Mar-1996Task Force Appointed by The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyPAO
11-Apr-1996Shui On Group Donates $25 Million to HKUST for Center for China Business & ManagementPAO
18-Jan-1996HKUST's Computer Science Students to Compete with World's BestPAO
23-Apr-1996Computer Music Concerts at HKUSTPAO
19-Sep-1996HKUST's New Center Unravels the Web for Hong Kong's SoftwarePAO
19-Jun-1996Multimedia Experts to Meet at HKUSTPAO
2-Apr-1996New Course Teaches Global Management SkillsPAO
28-May-1996Software Industry to Benefit from Cyberspace CentrePAO
1-Aug-1996Eminent Linguist Joins HKUSTPAO
15-Apr-1996Prominent Chinese Scientist to Speak at HKUSTPAO
31-Dec-1996HKUST Campus is Setting for Art Works from Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong KongPAO
24-Dec-1996HKUST Develops New Particles for "Smart Liquid"PAO
30-Dec-1996HKUST Researchers Developing Water Pollution MonitorPAO
16-May-1996HKUST Develops On-Line HKCEE and A-Level InformationPAO
30-May-1996HKUST Launches Chinese Language World Wide Web IndexPAO
5-Jun-1996Students Compete for Excellence in Technical CommunicationPAO
16-Feb-1996Long-Standing Physics Problem SolvedPAO
29-Aug-1996HKUST Scientists on Talk RadioPAO
7-Feb-1996HKUST Faculty Talk at 6th Education & Career ExpoPAO
21-Mar-1996HKUST Undergraduates ProfiledPAO
4-Jul-1996AIDS Pioneer to Speak at International Bioscience Symposium at HKUSTPAO
12-Nov-1996Dean of Top US Business School to Lecture At HKUSTPAO
11-Jan-1996Establishment of an Association of East Asian Research Universities Jointly InitiatedPAO
24-Sep-1996Public Exhibitions Celebrate HKUST's Fifth AnniversaryPAO
12-Sep-1996A "Visual Feast" of Chinese Calligraphy at HKUSTPAO
18-Jul-1996科大出售國際電腦網絡服務公司打破 "高科技在香港沒有市場" 的偏見PAO
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