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19-Mar-1997New Art On-Line at HKUSTPAO
30-Dec-1996HKUST Researchers Developing Water Pollution MonitorPAO
24-May-1994HKUST'S First Patent GrantedPAO
11-Jun-1993Sculpture and Installation Art Exhibition to be Staged at Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyPAO
20-Jan-1998HKUST Library Hosts International Seminar on Chinese Information Processing in LibrariesPAO
23-Feb-1995Pioneers of Interactive Multimedia to Address HKUST ForumPAO
25-Apr-1991HKUST Announces Mathematics AppointmentPAO
16-May-1996HKUST Develops On-Line HKCEE and A-Level InformationPAO
24-Mar-1995HKUST Alumni Association FormsPAO
21-May-1993HKUST Present Seminar on 17th CenturyPAO
1-Nov-1994HKUST MBA Graduates: Benefited From the ProgrammePAO
12-Oct-1993Internet: An Indispensable Research Tool at HKUSTPAO
9-Dec-1993Free Lecture on the Use of Computers in Aircraft DesignPAO
5-Aug-1993Lung Disease Preventive Apparatus To Be Exhibited in ShatinPAO
3-Jan-1995Ocean Colour Satellite Station Established at HKUSTPAO
3-Mar-1998New Challenges for Communications Teaching in Science and EngineeringPAO
29-Sep-1994Professor Shang-Fa Yang Joins HKUSTPAO
6-Apr-1993T.K. Ng of HKUST Receives Honourable Mention in "Achievement in Asia Award 1993"PAO
16-May-1995A Profile of HKUST UndergraduatesPAO
24-Oct-1994HKUST to Present Zhu Qizhan 103 RetrospectivePAO
16-Jul-1993Prof Tian Yow Tsong Appointed Director of Biotechnology Research InstitutePAO
15-Nov-1995Final Report of the Accident Investigation Task ForcePAO
29-Jul-1991HKUST Appoints Director of Admissions, Registration and RecordsPAO
15-May-1990Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Project Topping Out Ceremony for Student Residential QuartersPAO
22-Oct-1999HKUST Launches Notebook Ownership Program '99OUDPA
17-Nov-1994Professor Lung-Fei Lee Joins HKUSTPAO
30-May-1996HKUST Launches Chinese Language World Wide Web IndexPAO
5-Jun-1996Students Compete for Excellence in Technical CommunicationPAO
25-Jul-1995HKUST Chemical Engineering Seeks Promising F7 StudentsPAO
16-Feb-1996Long-Standing Physics Problem SolvedPAO
27-May-1997Top Companies Help Students Start Job SearchPAO
16-Oct-1997Reef Check 97 Confirms Devastation of 'Rain Forests of the Sea'PAO
7-Jul-1998SAE Contract Extention Signals Fruitful Cooperation with High-tech IndustryPAO
5-May-1999HKUST to Launch Graduate Program in Transportation LogisticsOUDPA
19-Jun-1992Condensed Matter Physicist Speaks at HKUSTPAO
15-Dec-1994Popular Science Lecture on Industrial EngineeringPAO
29-Aug-1996HKUST Scientists on Talk RadioPAO
8-Oct-1998Ten HKUST Applied R & D Areas On Show At Electronics Fair '98PAO
16-Sep-1997New Materials on View at HKUSTPAO
19-Aug-1997Rita Fan to Open Symposium on Global Manufacturing at HKUSTPAO
7-Feb-1996HKUST Faculty Talk at 6th Education & Career ExpoPAO
30-Sep-1999HKUST to Showcase Technology Transfer in China Hi-Tech FairOUDPA
27-Oct-1990HKUST Announces Joint Agreement with University of California (Los Angeles) for Collaboration Between Schools of BusinessPAO
19-Dec-1994HKUST Biochemist Fights Alzheimer's DiseasePAO
30-Aug-1990HKUST Now Accepting Applications for Admission in the 1991-92 Academic YearPAO
21-Mar-1996HKUST Undergraduates ProfiledPAO
28-Jun-1990Director of Student Affairs Appointed for the Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyPAO
19-Apr-1994Free Lecture on New Antimalarial DrugsPAO
3-Aug-1995HKUST Welcomes New Technology Transfer Centre HeadPAO
9-Dec-1994HKUST to Present Workshops on Business Process Reengineering & Client/Server ComputingPAO
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