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Issue DateTitleOffice
2-Feb-2018L-function: Its Past and FutureIAS
27-Mar-1995Lab Demo and CountersPAO
30-Jul-2002"Lab-on-a-Chip": New Technology a Boost for Traditional Chinese MedicineOUDPA
27-Mar-1998Laboratory For Future Homes Built at HKUSTPAO
16-Jul-1996Laboratory Session of Physics Summer Camp-
1-Feb-1994Lam Wu-Fui Painting Exhibit-
21-Sep-2001"Landmarks in Science and Technology" - Library's First Ten Years, HKUST Library, 21 September 2001 - 31 January 2002-
Unknown dateLanguage Centre-
1-May-2000Language Centre (year 2000)-
13-Sep-1997Lantern NightPAO
24-Nov-2010The Laplacian Paradigm: Emerging Algorithms for Massive GraphsIAS
29-Nov-1994Laser Laboratory-Physics Dept-
24-Nov-2014Laser Spectroscopy of Materials: Past, Present, and FutureIAS; PHYS
22-Nov-2018Lasers: From Manipulating a Single Molecule to Creating the Power of the Sun - 2018 Nobel Prize in PhysicsIAS; DSCI
4-Jul-2012Latest Results of Nitride-based Nonpolar/Semipolar LEDs and Laser DiodesIAS
16-Oct-2011Latest World University Ranking: HKUST Engineering Ranks No. 1 in Greater China and among the World's BestPAO
23-Oct-2003Launch Ceremony of "Bookmark Me@UST" Program, HKUST Library, 23 October 2003-
27-Jun-2003The Launch of Library Publication: China in European Maps - A Library Special Collection, HKUST Library, 27 June 2003-
24-May-2016The Launch of the Lomonosov SatelliteIAS; DSCI
18-Nov-1994Law Week - "The Future of HK Legal System After 1997" by Anna Wu-