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Issue DateTitleOffice
22-Jul-2011Light Detection in the RetinaIAS
20-Nov-2014Lighting in the 21st Century: From Blue LED to WhiteIAS; DSCI
21-Feb-2017Lighting the Earth with LEDsIAS
27-Jan-1995Lion Dance in General Kwan Ceremony by EMOPAO
Unknown dateLion Dance in Security ControlPTC
23-Jul-2014Lipid Metabolomics Expanding Role in the Omics Evolution in Health, Nutrition and DiseaseIAS
7-Nov-2012Liquid Crystal Displays and LC-materials: Historical ReminiscenceIAS
15-Jul-2010[Liquid Water, the 'Most Complex' Liquid: New Results in Bulk, Nanoconfined, and Biological Environments]IAS
13-Feb-1995Literature Scholar from Stanford Appointed Head of Humanities at HKUSTPAO
12-Dec-2014The Local Inverse Problem for the Geodesic X-ray Transform and Boundary RigidityIAS; MATH
19-Dec-2013Local Log-empirical Likelihood Inference for Varying-coefficient Density-ratio Models Based on Case-control DataIAS
6-Mar-1997Local Philanthropist Contributes $2M to HKUSTPAO
18-Nov-2014Logarithm Singularities of Super-Yang-Mills AmplitudesIAS
26-May-2005Logistics Expert Elected IIE FellowOUDPA
29-Jan-2021Long Term Investing with Dynamic Hedging Using a Combination of Stocks and OptionsDST
15-Dec-2012Long-range Entangled Quantum Matter: A New Chapter of Quantum Matter PhysicsIAS
16-Feb-1996Long-Standing Physics Problem SolvedPAO
5-Feb-2008Long-time HKUST Scholar Takes up Key Post at World BankOUDPA
5-Oct-2012A Look at Transformation Optics : The Holy Grail for Designing Cloaks, Superlenses and Directive Antennas for Microwaves and Millimeter Waves Using MetamaterialsIAS
19-Sep-2007Lord Wilson signs agreement with HKUST on Student ExchangeOUDPA