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Issue DateTitleOffice
23-Jan-1995Leading Biochemist Joins HKUSTPAO
18-May-2018Leading Experts from China, Hong Kong and the World Share Insights on Smart Cities at HKUST's First SymposiumPAO
28-Apr-1997Leading Mathematician Unravels NumbersPAO
2-Aug-2001Learn from The BestOUDPA
8-Dec-2014Learning to Live with Geohazards: Reducing Risk, Protecting PeopleIAS; DENG
25-Nov-1993Lecture by Maxine Hong Kingston-
26-Nov-1997Lecture by Prof Leory Chang (The School of Sci. - Teaching.Research.Service)-
14-Apr-1998Lecture by Prof Otto Lin (VPRD)-
24-Sep-1997Lecture by Prof Ping Ko (The School of Eng.- Teaching.Research.Service)-
12-Nov-1997Lecture by Prof Ting Pang-Hsin (The School of Humanities - Teaching.Research.Services-
29-Apr-1997Lecture by Rita Fan-
22-Mar-1993Lecture to Clarify Complexities of How Robots SeePAO
23-Nov-1992Lecture to Describe Civil Engineering Role in Infrastructure DevelopmentPAO
19-Oct-1992Lecture to Describe Modern Study of Chinese HerbsPAO
24-Aug-1992Lecture to Present Electron Microscope View of CrystalsPAO
21-Sep-1992Lecture to Present New Approaches to Tackling PollutionPAO
14-Dec-1992Lecture to Probe Complexities of Managing Marine ResourcesPAO
1-Jan-1994Lecture: "Daya Bay Nuclear Plant"-
12-Aug-1992Lecturer From University of Guang ZhouPAO
27-Mar-2014Lenovo Founder Mr Chuanzhi Liu Analyzes China's Latest Manufacturing Growth at UC RUSAL President's ForumPAO