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Issue DateTitleOffice
19-Dec-2013Adaptive Bayesian Nonparametric Estimation via Block PriorIAS
19-Dec-2013Community Detection and Extraction in NetworksIAS
19-Dec-2013Dimensional Analysis for Big DataIAS
19-Dec-2013Estimation and Selection of Complex Effects in Pooled Nested Case-control Studies with HeterogeneityIAS
19-Dec-2013Estimation of the Error Autocorrelation Matrix in Semiparametric Models for fMRI DataIAS
19-Dec-2013Evaluating Alteration in Regression Coefficients Directed by Low-effect VariablesIAS
19-Dec-2013Generalized Measures of Correlation and their Implications in GARCH and Heston ModelsIAS
19-Dec-2013Group Regularized Estimation under Strong HierarchyIAS
19-Dec-2013Imprinting Test of Disease-associated SNPs under Mixture ModelIAS
19-Dec-2013Interval Estimation for Random Coefficient AR Model and Predictive RegressionsIAS
19-Dec-2013Local Log-empirical Likelihood Inference for Varying-coefficient Density-ratio Models Based on Case-control DataIAS
19-Dec-2013A New Test for One-way ANOVA with Functional Data and Application to Ischemic Heart ScreeningIAS
19-Dec-2013Nonsmooth, Nonconvex OptimizationIAS; MATH
19-Dec-2013On-line Monitoring of High-dimensional Data StreamsIAS
19-Dec-2013Optimizing Organ Exchange System: Celebrating the 2012 Nobel Prize in EconomicsIAS
19-Dec-2013Oracally Efficient Estimation of Autoregressive Error Distribution with Simultaneous Confidence BandIAS
19-Dec-2013Partially Linear Single-index Transformation ModelIAS
19-Dec-2013Quality Technology in the High-tech AgeIAS
19-Dec-2013Sample Size Requirement for some Low-dimensional Estimation ProblemsIAS
19-Dec-2013A Sequential Penalized Likelihood Procedure and EBIC for Feature Selection with Big DataIAS