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Issue DateTitleOffice
Unknown dateBusiness Exchange Students-
Unknown dateBusiness Forum by Prof. Paul R Krugman (Citibank HKUST)-
Unknown dateCampus Canteen/Kitchen/Coffee Shop-
Unknown dateCampus Cleaning-
Unknown dateCCSTPTC
Unknown dateCentre for Advanced Engineering Materials-
Unknown dateChemical Engineering Lab-
Unknown dateChemistry-
Unknown dateChristmas Party 90PAO
Unknown dateCivil & Structural Engineering Lab-
Unknown dateCIVLPAO
Unknown dateColloquium on Information Science (Library Series)-
Unknown dateComputer Centre-
Unknown dateComputer Science-
Unknown dateConstruction Work-
Unknown dateCouncil Chamber-
Unknown dateDonors' Reception '95PAO
Unknown dateDonors' Reception '96PAO
Unknown dateDragon BoatPAO
Unknown dateDuplicates from PAOPTC