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Issue DateTitleOffice
14-Jan-2014Complexity and Time-reversed Waves: From Metamaterial to MedicineIAS; PHYS
10-Jan-2007Conductivity, Superconductivity and the Quantum WorldIAS; PHYS
25-May-2009Effective Simulations of Interfacial FlowsIAS; PHYS
24-Nov-2014The Essential Role of Optical Properties in Understanding the Electronic Structure of SolidsIAS; PHYS
8-Dec-2009A Few Topics from Statistical Physics: Theory and ExperimentIAS; PHYS
29-Jan-2010Field-induced Phenomena of Functionalized Complex FluidsIAS; PHYS
23-Feb-2009Fluctuations Effects in Soft MatterIAS; PHYS
24-Nov-2014Laser Spectroscopy of Materials: Past, Present, and FutureIAS; PHYS
9-Dec-2007Mathematics of Multi-Scale ProblemsIAS; DSCI; MATH; PHYS
22-Jun-2009Modeling and Simulations of Soft MattersIAS; PHYS
11-Mar-2009Novel Interactions and Dynamics in Complex Fluids: From Colloidal Particles to Liquid Crystal and DNA MoleculesIAS; PHYS
24-Nov-2014Optical Biosensing: Interdisciplinary Research between Photonics, Nanotechnology and Biological SciencesIAS; PHYS
24-May-2006Origin of the Universe and Quantum Gravity - a Grass-Root ApproachIAS; OUDPA; PHYS
20-Feb-2014Photoelectric Effect: A Century of Scientific DiscoveryIAS; PHYS
17-Dec-2009Progresses and Challenges of SOI Based Photonic DevicesPHYS
8-Jan-2007Quantum Spin Liquid: From Drought to DelugeIAS; PHYS
24-Nov-2014Recent Work in Plasmonic Non-linear OpticsIAS; PHYS
17-Dec-2009Research on Silicon-based Optical Switches and ModulatorsPHYS
20-Apr-2009Self-assembly and Hydrodynamics at InterfacesIAS; PHYS
17-Dec-2009Silicon microresonator-based devices for on-chip optical interconnectsPHYS