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Issue DateTitleOffice
1-Oct-2010Wings = 振翅, 18.1SU
1-Apr-2011Wings = 振翅, 18.2SU
11-May-2011Wings = 振翅, 19.1SU
1-Oct-2011Wings = 振翅, 19.2SU
1-Dec-2011Wings = 振翅, 19.3SU
1-Apr-2012Wings = 振翅, 19.4SU
1-May-1994Wings = 振翅, 2.1SU
1-Sep-1994Wings = 振翅, 2.2SU
1-Dec-1994Wings = 振翅, 2.3SU
1-May-1995Wings = 振翅, 2.4SU
1-May-2012Wings = 振翅, 20.1SU
1-Sep-2012Wings = 振翅, 20.2SU
1-Dec-2012Wings = 振翅, 20.3SU
1-Feb-2013Wings = 振翅, 20.4SU
1-May-2013Wings = 振翅, 21.1SU
1-Oct-2013Wings = 振翅, 21.2SU
1-Dec-2013Wings = 振翅, 21.3SU
1-Feb-2014Wings = 振翅, 21.4SU
1-May-2014Wings = 振翅, 22.1SU
1-Sep-2014Wings = 振翅, 22.2SU