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Issue DateTitleOffice
26-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - Doctor of PhilosophyPAO
4-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - Interdisciplinary Programs OfficePAO
27-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of Business and ManagementPAO
5-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of EngineeringPAO
4-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of Humanities and Social SciencePAO
27-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of SciencePAO
26-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - University-wide Degree ConfermentPAO
6-Nov-2014Twenty-second CongregationPAO
7-Nov-2019Twenty-seventh Congregation - Session 1PAO
7-Nov-2019Twenty-seventh Congregation - Session 2PAO
8-Nov-2019Twenty-seventh Congregation - Session 3PAO
8-Nov-2019Twenty-seventh Congregation - Session 4PAO
15-Nov-2018Twenty-sixth Congregation - Session 1PAO
15-Nov-2018Twenty-sixth Congregation - Session 2PAO
16-Nov-2018Twenty-sixth Congregation - Session 3PAO
16-Nov-2018Twenty-sixth Congregation - Session 4PAO
19-Nov-2015Twenty-third CongregationPAO
12-Dec-2022Two HKUST Distinguished Scholars Receive Croucher Tak Wah Mak Innovation Awards and Croucher Senior Research Fellowships 2022PAO
22-Jan-2015Two HKUST Electronic and Computer Engineering Professors Elected IEEE FellowsPAO
14-Apr-2015Two HKUST Professors Honored The Croucher Innovation Awards 2015PAO