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Issue DateTitleOffice
2-May-1993Inter-House CarnivalPAO
26-Dec-1997Inter-Universities Bridge TournamentPAO
13-Jun-1993International Conference in HumanityPAO
22-Jun-1994International Conference on Autonomy in Language LearningPAO
21-Jun-1995International Conference on Supply Chain Management to be Held at HKUSTPAO
29-Apr-1998International Day '98PAO
21-Apr-1999International Day '99PAO
21-Nov-1997International Fair (Foreign Exchange Student Q&A)PAO
10-Oct-1996International Lecture Series at HKUSTPAO
3-Sep-1993International Symposium at HKUST Promotes Ecological Studies of Mangrove ForestsPAO
16-Dec-1991International Workshop on Technology for Hong Kong's Infrastructure DevelopmentPAO
14-Mar-1995Internet Enriches Language Learning at HKUSTPAO
12-Oct-1993Internet: An Indispensable Research Tool at HKUSTPAO
17-Mar-1997Jerzy Lesko: A Portrait of the Artist as a Late BloomerPAO
11-Oct-2011Jim O'Neill to Provide Insight into The Future of Brics at HKUST-UC RUSAL President's Forum The renowned economist to deliver his first public lecture in Hong KongPAO
4-Jun-1996Job Search Begins Early at HKUSTPAO
12-Mar-2018Joint campaign by eight universities to reduce plastic strawsPAO
19-Sep-2022Joint Government and Academia efforts to Study and Develop Science-based Regional Ozone and Photochemical Smog Control StrategiesPAO
6-May-1994Joint House Fun NightPAO
7-Oct-1994Joint House Gala Dinner '94PAO