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Issue DateTitleOffice
8-Oct-2009Leptin and the Biologic Basis of Obesity: Homeostatic Control of Body Weight, the Cloning of the Ob Gene and the Identification of Leptin, Clinical ImplicationsOUDPA
16-Jan-2003Letaief and Kwok Elected to IEEE FellowshipOUDPA
18-Sep-2001Library Exhibitions to Celebrate HKUST'S 10th AnniversaryOUDPA
26-May-2005Logistics Expert Elected IIE FellowOUDPA
5-Feb-2008Long-time HKUST Scholar Takes up Key Post at World BankOUDPA
19-Sep-2007Lord Wilson signs agreement with HKUST on Student ExchangeOUDPA
18-Mar-2005Maestro Sculpts Sir S Y Chung PortraitOUDPA
21-Jan-2007Mainland Support for Institute for Advanced Study at HKUSTOUDPA
5-Jan-2001Mainland Support for Smart Fluids ResearchOUDPA
2-Mar-2005Major Gift Advances Anti-Aging Drug DevelopmentOUDPA
16-Jun-2000Managing Knowledge in The Digital Information AgeOUDPA
8-Dec-2000Mapping Air Pollutants Anytime, AnywhereOUDPA
7-Feb-2011Maryknoll Convent School Comes First in Secondary Schools Bridge Demonstration Competition 2011OUDPA
21-Nov-2010Mastermind behind Animated Version of 'Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival' Shares Insight at HKUST (In Chinese)OUDPA
8-Sep-2004Math Maestro S S Chern Speaks at HKUSTOUDPA
2-Jun-2006Maybe Einstein GoofedIAS; OUDPA
10-Jan-2000Media Review, No. 1/2000OUDPA
8-Jan-2001Media Review, No. 1/2001OUDPA
15-Jan-2002Media Review, No. 1/2002OUDPA
29-Jan-2003Media Review, No. 1/2003OUDPA