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Issue DateTitleOffice
27-Feb-2009HKUST Appoints Prof Leonard Cheng as Dean of Business & ManagementOUDPA
23-Feb-2011HKUST Appoints Prof Lionel Ni as Dean of HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate SchoolOUDPA
24-Jul-2008HKUST Appoints Prof Liu Yingli as Adjunct Professor and Senior Advisor to the PresidentOUDPA
16-Nov-2010HKUST Appoints Prof Nancy Ip as Dean of ScienceOUDPA
10-Sep-2007HKUST Appoints Prof Roland Chin as Deputy to the PresidentOUDPA
30-Jul-2008HKUST Appoints Professor Yi Gang as Adjunct Professor of EconomicsOUDPA
11-Apr-2011HKUST Awards Student Activities That Further the '1-HKUST' Concept and Enrich Campus LifeOUDPA
13-Oct-1999HKUST Awards Top Science LecturersOUDPA
27-Jun-2009HKUST Becomes World Leader in Low Energy Electronic Microscopes (In Chinese)OUDPA
27-Apr-2000HKUST Biochemist Awarded HFSP Research GrantsOUDPA
23-Feb-2000HKUST Biologist to Speak on TCM ModernizationOUDPA
17-Apr-2007HKUST Breaks Into a Gallop with The Hong Kong Jockey Club Enterprise CenterOUDPA
9-Mar-2007HKUST Business School and NYU Stern School of Business to Launch Joint Master of Science in Global Finance ProgramOUDPA
30-May-2007HKUST Business School and Reuters Team Up To Upgrade Financial Trading LaboratoryOUDPA
24-Jan-2005HKUST Business School World Number 44 in MBAOUDPA
3-Sep-2008HKUST Campus Inspired by Ancient Chinese Astronomical WisdomOUDPA
16-Dec-2002HKUST Cancer Researcher Receives International RecognitionOUDPA
12-Nov-2004HKUST Celebrates 12th CongregationOUDPA
11-Nov-2005HKUST Celebrates 13th CongregationOUDPA
10-Nov-2006HKUST Celebrates 14th CongregationOUDPA