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Issue DateTitleOffice
19-Jun-2004HKUST and Shenzhen Closer Cooperation to Promote Hi-TechOUDPA
20-Nov-2007HKUST and Tsinghua University establish 'Lau Fu Wing Engineering Education Exchange Fund'OUDPA
12-Oct-2009HKUST and UCLA Join Hands in China ProjectsOUDPA
31-Jan-2005HKUST and USTB Strengthen TiesOUDPA
13-Jun-2011HKUST and Value Partners Launch Hong Kong's First Academic Center for InvestingOUDPA
27-May-2002HKUST and WebEx : New Agreement to Strengthen Hong Kong's IT CapabilitiesOUDPA
30-Jul-1999HKUST and Zhejiang University Sign Collaborative Research AgreementOUDPA
14-Aug-2008HKUST and Zhongshan University Join Hands in Nurturing Computer Science and Civil Engineering Talents (Chinese Only)OUDPA
14-Dec-1999HKUST Annex Opening and Naming CeremoniesOUDPA
30-Aug-2010HKUST announces appointment of Dr Eden Y Woon as Vice-President for Institutional AdvancementOUDPA
30-Mar-2009HKUST Announces Appointment of Prof Tony Chan as Next PresidentOUDPA
19-Apr-2010HKUST announces appointment of Prof Wei Shyy as ProvostOUDPA
17-Mar-2010HKUST Announces Appointment of Vice-President for Research and Graduate StudiesOUDPA
28-Mar-2003HKUST Announces Suspension of ClassesOUDPA
20-Mar-2006HKUST Anti-Malarial Drug Discovery Hits Cover of Top Chemistry JournalOUDPA
19-Jun-2010HKUST Applauds Winners of Engineering Photo ContestOUDPA
7-Jul-2010HKUST Appoints Chairman of China Vanke Co Ltd Mr Wang Shi as Adjunct Professor in the Business SchoolOUDPA
15-May-2000HKUST Appoints Committee to Search New PresidentOUDPA
20-Aug-2010HKUST Appoints Distinguished Physicist and Cosmologist as Director of Institute for Advanced StudyOUDPA
20-Aug-2009HKUST Appoints Prof Khaled Ben Letaief as Dean of EngineeringOUDPA