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Issue DateTitleOffice
31-Mar-2008President Paul Chu Welcomes Appointment to HKUST CouncilOUDPA
8-Jul-2010Prof Charles Ng of HKUST Becomes First Hong Kong Academic Appointed to the Board of the World's Largest Society in GeotechnicsOUDPA
3-Nov-2000Prof Kang L. Wang as New Engineering DeanOUDPA
15-Mar-2007Prof Mingjie Zhang: ‘Brain gas’ lead may stop stroke damageOUDPA
30-Dec-2010Prof Nancy Ip at HKUST unravels signaling mechanisms in the brain - Breakthrough research published in prestigious molecular neuroscience journalsOUDPA
25-Jul-2010Prof Nancy Ip of HKUST Elected Councilor of World's Leading Organizations for Neuroscience and PsychopharmacologyOUDPA
17-Jul-2007Prof Paul Chu Appointed to US President's Committee of National Medal on Science for Selecting Recipients of Top US Scientific HonourOUDPA
16-Oct-2009Prof YS Wong Encourages Students to Pursue the Spiritual Value of Science (Chinese only)OUDPA
7-Jul-2008Professor Yau Shing Tung Speaks on Higher Education (Chinese only)OUDPA
29-Sep-2010Pseudo-randomness and Arithmetic CombinatoricsOUDPA
16-Mar-1999"Race" Exhibition will Premiere at HKUSTOUDPA
11-Mar-2006The Real Digital DivideOUDPA
31-Jan-2011Record High Ranking for HKUST MBA at World's No.6OUDPA
16-Dec-1999Recycling Wastes into High Quality Building MaterialsOUDPA
5-Jun-2008Renowned Environmental Experts Speak at HKUSTOUDPA
15-Jan-2009Renowned Scholar in Humanities & Social Science Appointed as Dean at HKUSTOUDPA
24-Oct-2006RFID Streamlines the Management of Academic RegaliaOUDPA
2-Mar-2004Robotcop III Set to Fight CrimeOUDPA
12-Apr-2011Robots Command a Bigger Presence at HKUSTOUDPA
1-May-2007Rosy Prospects for Graduates Highest Monthly Salary hits $67,000OUDPA