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Issue DateTitleOffice
19-Dec-2013Sample Size Requirement for some Low-dimensional Estimation ProblemsIAS
17-Dec-2013SAMS: Safety and Mobility SystemIAS
14-Sep-2007The Sato-Tate ConjectureIAS
12-Nov-2014Scaling Laws Describe Stored Memories of Host-pathogen Riposte in the HIV PopulationIAS
18-Nov-2014Scattering-equation-based Formulas: For Massless BosonsIAS
12-Dec-2008Science and Policies for Climate ChangeIAS; DENG
3-Jul-2012Science and Technology of Modern Permanent Magnet MaterialsIAS
11-Jun-2013Science in the World around Us: Electricity Was Not Invented by Trying to Make Better CandlesIAS
6-Jan-2009Science of New MaterialsIAS
7-Jan-2010Science, Society and SustainabilityIAS
13-Sep-2006Scientists as Poets: Imagining Everyday Life in the 21st CenturyIAS
27-Aug-2014Sea-water Flushing and Wastewater Treatment in Hong KongIAS
10-Nov-2007The Secret Lives of EnzymesIAS
20-Apr-2009Self-assembly and Hydrodynamics at InterfacesIAS; PHYS
17-Jan-2012Selling Random WindIAS
5-Jul-2012[Seminars on Congruent Number Problem Session One: Congruent Number Problem and Elliptic Curves]IAS
12-Jul-2012[Seminars on Congruent Number Problem Session Three: Work of Ye Tian]IAS
10-Jul-2012[Seminars on Congruent Number Problem Session Two: Congruent Number Problem and Heegner Points]IAS
14-Nov-2011Semipolar/Nonpolar GaN-based Visible LEDs and LDsIAS
11-Nov-2014Sensorimotor Integration of Camouflage Body Patterning in CuttlefishIAS; BME