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Issue DateTitleOffice
18-Dec-2012Odd-frequency Cooper Pair and Majorana Fermion in Nana Wire Proximity SystemsIAS
4-May-2017On China Brain Project and Future of Chinese Neuroscience: A Personal PerspectiveIAS
31-Oct-2011On Efficiently Financing RetirementIAS; ECON
19-Jan-2016On Research InnovationIAS
19-Oct-2012On Some Large Time Behaviors of Surface Water WavesIAS
1-Mar-2012On the Future of High Performance Computing: How to Think for Peta and Exascale ComputingIAS; FYTGS
9-Jun-2010On the Numerical Simulation of Red Blood Cell Motions in Micro-ChannelsIAS
21-Nov-2014On the Regge Limit of Scattering AmplitudesIAS
18-Jan-2010On the Regulation of the Regulators or How the Ubiquitin System Components are DegradedIAS; BICH
18-Nov-2014On the Singularity Structure of Maximally Supersymmetric Scattering AmplitudesIAS
19-Dec-2013On-line Monitoring of High-dimensional Data StreamsIAS
23-Jun-2016Open Quant Cloud PlatformIAS
5-Jun-2007Openness, Technology Capital, and DevelopmentIAS; CED
24-Nov-2014Optical Biosensing: Interdisciplinary Research between Photonics, Nanotechnology and Biological SciencesIAS; PHYS
18-Dec-2012Optical Properties of Atomically Thin Transitional Metal Dichalcogenide FilmsIAS
19-Dec-2013Optimizing Organ Exchange System: Celebrating the 2012 Nobel Prize in EconomicsIAS
19-Dec-2013Oracally Efficient Estimation of Autoregressive Error Distribution with Simultaneous Confidence BandIAS
14-Dec-2012Orbital Rashba Effect & Its ImplicationsIAS
13-Sep-2006Organizing the World's InformationIAS
24-May-2006Origin of the Universe and Quantum Gravity - a Grass-Root ApproachIAS; OUDPA; PHYS