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Issue DateTitleOffice
16-Dec-2012Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling is Warming upIAS
16-Dec-2012Magnetism of LaAlO₃/SrTiO₃ HeterostructureIAS
16-Dec-2012Majorana Fermions in Gapped and Gapless Topological SuperconductorsIAS
25-Nov-2014Making Sense of Big Data with the Berkeley Data Analytics StackIAS
11-May-2015Malthus and the First Divergence: How did Europe Pull Ahead of China after 1500?IAS
10-Dec-2015Managing General and Individual Knowledge in Crowdsourcing ApplicationsIAS
27-Nov-2014Maneuverability and StabilityIAS; BME; MAE
5-Jan-2015Manipulating Growth Factors for Brain RepairIAS
17-Mar-2016Mapping the Universe in Space and TimeIAS
17-Feb-2011Market Failure and the Spectacular Rise in InequalityIAS
27-Aug-2013Markov Random Fields in Genomics StudiesIAS; DENG
10-Sep-2008Massive Black Holes and GalaxiesIAS
4-Aug-2007Material Discovery by DesignIAS
12-Jan-2015Materials and Devices for Efficient Solar and Thermal Energy UtilizationIAS
26-Nov-2014Materials, Structures, and Dynamics of Biological Wings : Gliding, Soaring, Hovering, Powered Flapping Flight, and Scaling LawIAS; BME; MAE
11-Oct-2010Mathematics and Civilization - from Pythagoras to NewtonIAS
1-Sep-2017Mathematics for Cryo-electron MicroscopyIAS
9-Dec-2007Mathematics of Multi-Scale ProblemsIAS; DSCI; MATH; PHYS
18-May-2007The Mathematics of PageRankIAS; MATH; CSE
11-Sep-2006Mathematics: Invention or DiscoveryIAS