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Issue DateTitleOffice
3-Jun-2006Hawking and Black Holes: Earlier Work by Hawking and Related Astronomical ObservationsIAS; OUDPA
20-Jan-2017Heterogeneous Photonic Integration on SiliconIAS
2-Nov-2012The Higgs-like Particle Discovery and Beyond: A Global EndeavorIAS
27-Jul-2016High Frequency Market MakingIAS
17-Jul-2013Higher-order Correlation in a Feed-forward Network with Inhomogeneous ConnectivityIAS
9-Sep-2008The History and Developments of Nitride-based Blue LEDs and Laser Diodes & Recent Breakthroughs in GaN LEDs and Laser DiodesIAS
5-Jan-2009Hopes for the FutureIAS
25-Feb-2013How an Organelle Gets into ShapeIAS
22-Feb-2008How Basic Research has Transformed Human HealthIAS
12-Jan-2017How can Software Engineering Contribute to the Design and Operation of Smart Environments?IAS
1-Aug-2011How Do Bacteria Evolve Resistance to Antibiotics?IAS
13-Sep-2006How Do We Save Lives by Understanding DeathIAS
18-Oct-2010How Does a Ribozyme Work?IAS
7-Jan-2011How Does a Solar Cell Work? The Influence of Light Trapping and Light Extraction on Ultimate Solar Cell EfficiencyIAS
20-Feb-2008How Errors of Protein Synthesis can Lead to Human DiseasesIAS
20-Feb-2008How Hereditary Neurological Diseases can Arise from Mutations in Genes of the Translation MachineryIAS
11-Nov-2015How Mitochondria Move and Why It Matters to Neurons and Mitotic CellsIAS
13-Jun-2006How Our Universe Began (String Theory Perspective)IAS; OUDPA
17-Nov-2014How Science Thinks (and How to Think Better)IAS
21-Feb-2008How Structural Analysis can Actively Elucidate Mammalian Cell FunctionIAS