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Issue DateTitleOffice
12-Nov-2015Face-changing Magic Show of The Neutrinos: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2015IAS; DSCI
19-Apr-2011FASP Solvers for Large Scale Systems: From Basic Theories to Practical ApplicationsIAS
16-Dec-2012The fate of Bose-Einstein Condensate in the Presence of Spin-orbit CouplingIAS
4-Feb-2013Feedback Trading between Fundamental Information and Non-fundamental InformationIAS; FINA
3-Oct-2012Ferroelectric Domain Engineering: Controlling Light and Photon at DesireIAS
8-Dec-2009A Few Topics from Statistical Physics: Theory and ExperimentIAS; PHYS
18-Dec-2012Field Theory and Wave Function of Symmetry Protected Topological PhasesIAS
29-Jan-2010Field-induced Phenomena of Functionalized Complex FluidsIAS; PHYS
23-Jun-2016Financial Intermediation and Capital ReallocationIAS
19-Jul-2013First Passage through a Fluctuating Boundary: A Phase Transition with Implications for Neural CodingIAS
30-May-2011First Physics Highlights from the LHCIAS
10-Apr-2012The First Step from Tissue Engineering to Organ EngineeringIAS
1-Dec-2014Flexible Wing Aerodynamics in Bio-inspired Flight SystemIAS; BME; MAE
11-Nov-2014Flexible Wing- and Body-based Strategies for Bio-inspired Flight System: Aerodynamics and Flight ControlIAS; BME
2-Dec-2014Flight Control of a Biologically Inspired, Insect-scale RobotIAS; BME; MAE
1-Dec-2014Flight Stability and Control in Insect Flight SystemIAS; BME; MAE
23-Feb-2009Fluctuations Effects in Soft MatterIAS; PHYS
13-Jun-2012Force Sensing: Towards a Molecular Understanding of Touch, Hearing, Osmotic-Force Sensing, etc.IAS
26-Aug-2014From Ardern and Lockett to Today and BeyondIAS
28-Nov-2012From Cell to Embryo: The Magic of GastrulationIAS