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Issue DateTitleOffice
31-May-2011Dark Matter and Dark Energy from TopologyIAS
8-Dec-2009Darwinian Evolution as Front Propagation in Fitness SpaceIAS
17-Dec-2013Data Fusion with Sensys Sensors for Traffic Management and ApplicationIAS
15-Dec-2015Data-driven Computational Abstraction and Imagination of Visual FormsIAS
17-Sep-2010A Data-Driven Stochastic Multiscale MethodIAS
17-Dec-2013Data-driven Urban Traffic Evaluation of Guangzhou, ChinaIAS
24-Jan-2014Defects with Character: Zero-energy Majorana Modes in Condensed-matter SystemsIAS
3-Dec-2012Defining the Evolutionary Space of HIV: Steps Toward Rational Immunogen DesignIAS
2-Nov-2011Demystifying the Chinese EconomyIAS
18-May-2012Deng Xiaoping: The Man Who Changed the WorldIAS
17-Dec-2013Deployment of Stochastic State Estimation System and ITS Platform on an Expressway Corridor in BangkokIAS
19-Mar-2010Destruction as an Incentive Device in Bilateral ContractsIAS
22-Nov-2017Developing Cryo-electron Microscopy for the High-resolution Structure Determination of Biomolecules in Solution: 2017 Nobel Prize in ChemistryIAS; DSCI
8-Nov-2013Development of Practical Systems and Nano-micro-macro IntegrationIAS; ECE; MAE; I2MS
29-Sep-2010Dialogue with Mathematics GiantsIAS; OUDPA
29-Oct-2010The Difference Between Heaven and Earth: Urban-rural Disparities in Health and Well-being in ChinaIAS
22-Jan-2010Differential TRAF3 Ubiquitination Determines the Outcome of TLR SignalingIAS; BICH
18-Apr-2012Dilemmas of Decentralization in Developing CountriesIAS; ECON
19-Dec-2013Dimensional Analysis for Big DataIAS
18-Dec-2018Dimensionality in Biological Networks: A Mechanistic ApproachIAS