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Issue DateTitleOffice
14-Dec-2018Biosystems Design by Directed EvolutionIAS; CSBHH
27-Jan-2015Birth and Future of Multiscale Modeling of MacromoleculesIAS; CSBHH
15-Dec-2012Black Holes and Optical ConductivityIAS
31-May-2011Black Holes, Big and Small: Impact on Galaxy FormationIAS
20-Dec-2012Black-Litterman Asset Allocation and Mean-variance Portfolio Optimization when Means and Covariances are UnknownIAS; IELM; MATH
3-Dec-2012Blended Program Analysis for Improving Reliability of Real-world ApplicationsIAS; DENG
24-Feb-2014The Body ShopIAS; CBME; BME
25-Jan-2019Bond Activation and Environmentally Benign Catalysis by Cooperative Pincer ComplexesIAS
6-Oct-2012Branch Cuts and Resonances for Metamaterials and PlasmonicsIAS
15-Jul-2010[Branching Random Walks, Directed Polymers and Genealogies]IAS
13-Mar-2015Brands in Motion: Estimating Multinational Frictions in the Car IndustryIAS
1-Dec-2014Breakout Session 1: What are Needs and Challenges for Bio-inspired Flight System?IAS; BME; MAE
2-Dec-2014Breakout Session 2: What are New Technologies for Bio-inspired Autonomous System?IAS; BME; MAE
3-Dec-2014Breakout Session 3: What are Possible Interdisciplinary and Academic-industrial Collaborations for Bio-inspired Flight System and Bio-inspired Autonomous System?IAS; BME; MAE
8-Oct-2010A (Brief) History of (Metric) GeometryIAS
6-Oct-2012Bringing Gain to MetamaterialsIAS
16-Oct-2015Building Supply Chain Sustainability through Value Chain InnovationsIAS
3-Jun-2016Bumblebees, Cracks and Nonlocal ModelingIAS; MATH
24-Sep-2012The Business of ScienceIAS
7-Jul-2010Calabi-Yau Theorem and Algebraic DynamicsIAS