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Issue DateTitleOffice
5-Nov-2014The Sensorimotor Transform: Control Loops, Regional ComputationsIAS; BME
19-Dec-2013A Sequential Penalized Likelihood Procedure and EBIC for Feature Selection with Big DataIAS
21-Nov-2014Sharpening the Existence of Color-dual Numerators: From Functional to Algebraic Pre-integrandsIAS
11-May-2010Shell Theory: The Classical and Intrinsic ApproachesIAS
10-Apr-2015Signal Fusion and Big Data Analytics on Massive Sensor Data SetsIAS
17-Dec-2009Silicon Microresonator-based Electro-optical Switches and Delay Lines for On-chip Optical InterconnectsIAS; PHYS
30-May-2011A Simple Harmonic UniverseIAS
23-Mar-2017Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex WorldIAS
17-Jul-2013Simulating and Decoding Neuronal Spike Trains Millisecond-by-millisecondIAS
23-Jun-2016Simulation-based Value-at-risk for High-dimensional Nonlinear PortfoliosIAS
14-Sep-2009Single Molecule Manipulation: Edge-Cutting Techniques for Studies of Biomolecular MachineryIAS; DSCI; PHYS
26-Sep-2017Single Particle Cryo-EM of Membrane Proteins in Lipid NanodiscIAS; CSBHH
4-Dec-2014Skill and Luck in Private Equity PerformanceIAS; FINA
11-Aug-2014Small Gaps between Prime NumbersIAS
3-Jun-2013Small Particles, Big Science: A Personal PerspectiveIAS; DENG
21-Jun-2016Social Influence in Consumption: Understanding how others Impact usIAS
8-Sep-2015Social Networks and Digital PhenotypingIAS
21-Sep-2016Social Networks for GoodIAS; DBM; DHSS; DSCI
21-Nov-2014Soft and Collinear Behaviour of Graviton Scattering AmplitudesIAS
19-Dec-2014The Software of LifeIAS