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Issue DateTitleOffice
21-Sep-2010The Power of Focus: Turning Opportunity into SuccessIAS
19-Sep-2012The Power of Observations: Discovering the Kuiper Belt; Asteroids, Comets and the Origin of the OceansIAS
16-Feb-2017Predators-prey Model with Competition, the Emergence of Packs and TerritorialityIAS
15-Jun-2015Predicting Stopout in MOOCs: Mining Behavioral DataIAS
10-Nov-2014Predicting the VIX and the Volatility Risk Premium: What's Credit and Commodity Volatility Risk Got to Do with It?IAS
9-Mar-2012Prenatal Gene Therapy for Genetic Diseases - Hopes, Fears and Ethical ConsiderationsIAS
28-Aug-2014Presentations Series by Invited Mainland GuestsIAS
12-Oct-2009President's Dialogue with Sir Michael AtiyahIAS
8-Jan-2015Probabilistic Nano-Mechanical Finite Weakest-Link Model for Quasibrittle Structure Strength, Crack Growth, Lifetime and FatigueIAS; DENG
17-Dec-2013Probe Data: A Game Changer for Prioritizing and Assessing Agency Investments & Managing AssetsIAS
3-Apr-2013Probing Fundamental Physics with Cosmological ObservationsIAS; DSCI
18-Sep-2012Probing Mechanical Principles of Cell-nanomaterial InteractionsIAS; MECH; I2MS; BME
8-Jul-2016Probing Nature's Nanomachines One Molecule at a TimeIAS
14-Nov-2013Probing Surfaces and Interfaces of Manganites with Second-harmonic GenerationIAS
4-Dec-2014Product Market Characteristics and the Choice between IPOs and AcquisitionsIAS; FINA
19-Mar-2010Prospects for Cloaking at Optical FrequenciesIAS
1-Mar-2013Protein Analogous Micelles: Versatile, Modular NanoparticlesIAS; DENG; CBME
5-Jan-2012Protein Sorting in the Secretory Pathway: Lessons from Yeast Applied to Mammalian DevelopmentIAS
13-Mar-2018Psychological Insights into the Customer Experience JourneyIAS
11-Mar-2016Pursuing the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals: Lessons Learned from a Project in Villages in IndiaIAS