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Issue DateTitleOffice
1-Aug-2014New Trends in Research in Cement Based MaterialsIAS
8-Mar-2011New Wave of ComputingIAS
29-Oct-2010New Weapons Against Cancer: Genetically Engineered AntibodiesIAS; DSCI
14-Dec-2017Next Generation Rechargeable Lithium Batteries and BeyondIAS
12-Oct-2010NMR of physisorbed 129Xe used as a probe to investigate various materialsIAS
22-Nov-2013Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013: Computer Modeling for Complex Chemical SystemsIAS; DSCI
30-May-2011Non-Gaussianity Generated at the End of Multi-field InflationIAS
14-Nov-2013Nonlinear Carrier Transport in Semiconductors: Ultrafast High THz-field Photo-driven RegimeIAS
6-Oct-2012Nonlinear Optics in Plasmonic NanostructuresIAS
8-Feb-2018Nonparametric Option-implied VolatilityIAS
19-Dec-2013Nonsmooth, Nonconvex OptimizationIAS; MATH
25-Nov-2013Normal and Neoplastic Stem CellsIAS; LIFS
23-Jun-2016Novel Factor Models for Validating Market Risk Factors and Forecasting Bond Risk PremiaIAS
11-Mar-2009Novel Interactions and Dynamics in Complex Fluids: From Colloidal Particles to Liquid Crystal and DNA MoleculesIAS; PHYS
11-Jan-2012Novel Phenomena at the Oxide InterfaceIAS
14-May-2007Novel Spectroscopy for Probing Molecular ChiralityIAS
9-Oct-2007Numerical Simulation of Particle Clustering for Particulate Flow in a Spinning CylinderIAS
5-Jun-2015Numerical Simulation of Shock-Turbulence InteractionsIAS
27-Jun-2008Numerical Solution of Non-Smooth Eigenvalue Problems from Visco-PlasticityIAS
13-May-2011The Numerical Solution of the Monge-Ampère EquationIAS