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Issue DateTitleOffice
4-Oct-2012Microwave Metamaterial AntennasIAS
16-Apr-2012Mimicking the Senses of Taste and SmellIAS
21-Nov-2014MIMO Network Control Systems-beyond StabilityIAS; EI
16-Mar-2012Minimizing Effects of Uncertainty in Reliability-Based Design and in Risk-Informed DecisionsIAS
22-Jun-2009Modeling and Simulations of Soft MattersIAS; PHYS
14-Sep-2007Modularity Lifting TheoremsIAS
27-Nov-2017Molecular Mechanisms of the Circadian Rhythm: 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineIAS; DSCI
6-Jan-2015Molecular Regulation of Stem Cell Quiescence and ActivationIAS
26-Mar-2015Molecules Inside Small SpacesIAS
21-Mar-2009Molecules That Changed The WorldIAS
17-Dec-2012Momentum Polarization: an Entanglement Measure of Topological SpinIAS
21-Apr-2015More Autonomy through Semiconductor InnovationIAS
3-Aug-2018Morphogenesis: Geometry, Physics and BiologyIAS
27-Aug-2014Moving from Treatment to ResourceIAS
9-Nov-2012Multiscale Imaging of the Nervous System: Where is the Dark Matter?IAS
14-Dec-2012Multiscale Simulation of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow ProblemsIAS; PROVOST
16-Sep-2011Multiscale, Superresolved, Ultrasensitive Optical Molecular ImagingIAS
26-Nov-2014Muscle Function and Control of Biological Wings: Flapping, Flying Muscles, Sensing and Control, Insect Flight MotorIAS; BME; MAE
19-Dec-2011Musubi: An Open Mobile Social NetworkIAS; DENG
20-Jan-2009The Mysteries of Four-Dimensional SpaceIAS