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Issue DateTitleOffice
3-Oct-2012Dirac Cones Like Dispersions and Zero Refractive IndexIAS
27-Nov-2018Directed Evolution: Unleash Chemical Power from Protein Sequence Space - 2018 Nobel Prize in ChemistryIAS; DENG
10-May-2010Discovery of a Large New Class of Biologics at HKUSTIAS
3-Oct-2012Discrete Transformation Elastodynamics and Active Exterior Acoustic CloakingIAS
11-Nov-2014A Discrete View of CorrelationsIAS
20-Jan-2010Dissection of the Endoplasmic Reticulum Associated Degradation (ERAD) System in Mammalian CellsIAS; BICH
15-Dec-2010DNA Topoisomerase IIβ: An Enigma in Genetic Programming in Differentiating CellsIAS
15-Jun-2010DNA: Not Merely the Secret of LifeIAS
4-Dec-2014Do Local and International Venture Capitalists Play Well Together? : Venture Capital Investments and the Development of Venture Capital MarketsIAS; FINA
30-May-2011Does the Universe Have a Beginning?IAS
21-Nov-2014Double Soft Limits of Supergravity TheoriesIAS
29-Aug-2014Drainage, Dewetting, and Contamination of Hydrogel Contact LensesIAS
20-Mar-2017Droplet Microfluidics for Single Cell StudiesIAS
21-Nov-2014Duration-differentiated Energy Services with Different DeadlinesIAS; EI
17-Nov-2016Dynamic Chemistry for Selective Synthesis and CatalysisIAS
19-Jan-2010Dynamic Mechanisms of Ubiquitin Conjugation CascadesIAS; BICH
3-Oct-2012Dynamically Induced Non-reciprocity and Gauge Fields for PhotonsIAS
30-Nov-2012Dynamics and Control of Rigid-flexible Multibody Systems via Absolute Coordinate Based MethodIAS; DENG
1-Jun-2011Dynamics and Signatures of Bubble CollisionsIAS
10-Dec-2009The Dynamics of the Immune Repertoire of an OrganismIAS