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Issue DateTitleOffice
26-Apr-2017Cross-Strait Dilemmas: US-China-Taiwan Relations in an Age of Evolving IdentitiesIAS; DHSS
24-Mar-2014e-考據與《紅樓夢》研究的新局IAS; DHSS
17-Dec-2008The Economics of Religion in Early ChinaOUDPA; DHSS
15-Jan-2012First-Year Seminar – A Privileged Learning Experience, Spring 2012DHSS
15-Apr-2013GCS (Global China Studies) Newsletter, April 2013DHSS
15-Dec-2013GCS Updates, December 2013DHSS
15-May-2014GCS Updates, May 2014DHSS
15-Nov-2012GCS Updates, November 2012DHSS
15-Sep-2012Global China Studies Newsletter, Fall 2012DHSS
15-Sep-2013Global China Studies Newsletter, Fall 2013DHSS
15-Sep-2014Global China Studies Newsletter, Fall 2014DHSS
15-Sep-2015Global China Studies Newsletter, Fall 2015DHSS
15-Sep-2016Global China Studies Newsletter, Fall 2016DHSS
15-Sep-2017Global China Studies Newsletter, Fall 2017DHSS
11-Dec-2018Nation Building: Why Some Countries Come Together While Others Fall ApartIAS; DHSS; SOSC
6-Jun-2007Neurocorrelates of Reading Chinese Words in Texts without Word BoundariesIAS; DHSS
15-May-1999Newsletter [of] MA Program in China Studies = 中國研究碩士課程通訊, No. 1DHSS
15-Nov-1999Newsletter [of] MA Program in China Studies = 中國研究碩士課程通訊, No. 2DHSS
15-Jun-2000Newsletter [of] MA Program in China Studies = 中國研究碩士課程通訊, No. 3DHSS
15-Jun-2001Newsletter [of] MA Program in China Studies = 中國研究碩士課程通訊, No. 4DHSS